We care about your privacy. We have developed a policy of using data to uncover it important information about how you can use www.browseyou.com, to share with others and how we collect and can use your materials and information. We advise you to read the policy on the use of data and use it to make informed decisions.

Data which we obtain and how they are used

The information we collect about you

We obtain from you several types of data , including:

Your info

The data that you need to enter to register on the site and the data that you have decided to publish.

Registration data:

While registering on www.browseyou.com it requires you to enter a name, email address, birth date and gender. In some cases, you can create using other information, such as phone number.

The data that you have decided to publish:

including data that you have decided to publish on www.browseyou.com, for example, when you update your status, upload a photo or commenting on other news .

How we use obtained data

We use data obtained about you for the services and features that we provide to you and other users, in particular, to your friends, our partners, advertisers who buy ad space on the site and the developers of games, applications and websites that you use. For example, we can use the obtained information about you, not only to help others see and find information about what you are doing, but also:

in order to ensure product safety of www.browseyou.com, services and integrations on www.browseyou.com;

to protect the rights or property www.browseyou.com or others;

to provide you with the features and services geolocation, for example, to send messages to you and your friends when something is going on nearby ;

to evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of advertising , that you see and other users , including to show you advertisements tailored to your interests;

to make recommendations to you and other users www.browseyou.com, for example, offering to take advantage of your friend importing contacts to search for friends , because you found friends using this feature, offering another user add you as a friend, because you have imported the same contact that and he , a friend , or offering to tag you in photos with you , which he loaded;

and for internal operations , including bug fixes , data analysis, testing, research and improvement of services.

Your permission to use your information not only helps to provide services www.browseyou.com in their current form , but also in the future will create new features and services that we are developing with the help of information from you.

Despite the fact that you give us permission to use your data, you own them. Your trust is important to us , so we never share your data to anyone, except in the following cases:

- With your permission ;

- To notify you in advance, in particular by informing in this Privacy Policy.

- Delete your data in your name and any information that personally identifies you.

- And, of course, the information published by other users about you - access to it is controlled by these users.

We store the data for as long as necessary to ensure the functioning of products and services, including, as described above, for you and other users. Usually, the information associated with your account is stored as long as your account will not be deleted. For certain types of data we have special rules for storage.

- We can provide access to public information, which was published while using our services.

- We can provide access to information service providers so that they can help us in providing services.

- We can offer your friend to tag you in photos, comparing pictures of your friend with the information received from your profile photos and other photos that you marked.