What to do if site contents are incorrectly displayed
What to do if site contents are incorrectly displayed 1. reboot the page a combination of the Ctrl+F5 buttons; 2. make sure that you have a Flash-player of the last version; 3. clear temporary data (cache) of your browser

Why my profile is blocked
Your profile can be blocked for two reasons: - on suspicion on breaking; - for violation of the rules of using of a site.

How to restore access to profile after blocking
If you became a victim of malefactors, address in the Support service with the detailed description of a problem, having specified the following data of a profile: login; age; name, surname; country and city; link to a profile (or ID profile); phone number; e-mail address. Pay attention that in case you consciously went to violation of the rules of using a site, the Support service won't be able to restore your profile.

How to change personal data
If you want to change personal information which is specified in a profile, it is necessary to: - Enter Profile on the main section - In the section Manage select Change profile - After all necessary changes press to Save.

How to receive points
Pounts are given to active users - for daily visit of a site www.browseyou.com

For what point are necessary
Points are necessary - for photo editing - for participation in competitions and ratings on a site www.browseyou.com

Paid services on a site www.browseyou.com
You can self-publish ads on our site. In order to receive your ads Premium or Super Premium and published near the top of all the ads on the site you can make a payment from the section Payment.

For what the favourite is necessary
Favourite is used to ensure that you can maintain the ads that you are interested in, and view them later. To reach into your favourite, just click on the icon "in the favourite", which is to the right of the ad. If you want to delete from the favourite, you can again click on this icon or unnecessary note listing in the "favourite" and click "Remove selected from a favourite." If you want to remove all the ads, you can simply click on the "Clear all."

How to top up account on a site www.browseyou.com
In order to purchase P you need to: 1. Go to the section of your page with Wallet 2. Choose Add in the dialog box "wallet" 3. Specify the desired amount, click Add To fund your account with a payment system WebMoney, Robokassa and Paypal